Developer Interview - Part 2: Out of the Shadows


You have learned how Shadows came to be in the first part of the interview. Now join us as we go further into detail and discover the many layers Shadows is made of. 

"Our main goal is to develop combat diversity, allow strategic planning and avoid a mindless hack’n’slash (or clickfest) – which I have to admit was the downside of the predecessor Kult: Heretic Kingdoms."

Character Design


Among the many things that compose a game, only a handful of parts are as important as the characters. They carry the story, represent the game and determine the gameplay. That’s why we decided to put our thoughts into words and share them with you guys.

Kult Post-mortem (3): From Tom Baker to Release


Previously I told the story of the origin of the Heretic Kingdoms setting and of Kult: Heretic Kingdom’s hybrid design, which shared elements of both Western and Japanese RPGs. In this final part, I talk about one of the most fun parts of the production of this game: working with voice actor Tom Baker. 

The Shadows Dev Blog is live!


Now the time has arrived. We opened the Heretic Kingdoms bible and wrote the new tales of the Heretic Kingdoms. The time comes to take you back to the world where religion is heresy and faith was lost long time ago. Finally, we can return back – back to the world of the Heretic Kingdoms.