Big Early Access Update


Today, we release the first big content update of the Early Access phase. Prepare for new regions to explore, new enemies to kill and a new character to play. We have fixed lots and lots of bugs, improved the combat experience and began adding controller support. 

Shadows release strategy revealed


The Early Access version of the action RPG Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms has already met with extremely positive feedback from players and the media alike. For this reason, the German publisher, bitComposer, and the developers at Games Farm have agreed to invest additional development time into this exceptional title. However, to prevent fans and supporters from having to wait for the extended edition with its new, increased scope, the game will be released in two books:

  • Book I: Devourer of Souls (November 2014)
  • Book II: Age of Demons (February 2015)

The two books will be sold together for the reduced price of €29.99, so all Early Access supporters and buyers of the first book will receive Book II in spring 2015 for free. Further books to expand the Heretic Kingdoms universe are planned.

Developer Diary 2


At last, it is here! - the second development diary of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms. It features a lot of interesting information, with a first look on content that has never been seen before - definitely something worthy to watch for all Shadows fans! Beginning with today's post, the Dev Diaries will now feature English and German subtitles!

New Content Update: Lore


The latest content update sheds some light on the Dreamworld and how it turned into the Shadow Realm that you can currently explore in Early Access. Check out the new Lore addition.

Press Update


Things have been set in motion since our Early Access launch last week. Discussions have been started on the official Steam forums but also all around the web and we have just released our first patch!

New Content Update: Character


The first update, after having entered the Early Access, will feature the Devourer. Get to know all about the protagonist of Shadows and learn about the demon race of the Devourer!