The Fall of Theocracy

When Corwenth turned to Taryn Arkor to save them from the despotic Garulian Empire, the rebel province did not know the pact they were making. During the fabled Reliquary Crusade, Taryn deceived a band of heroes who volunteered to help him, and seized control of the legendary Godslayer sword. Slaying the God-Empress of Garulia, Tayrn declared himself Theocrat and enslaved the entire Heretic Kingdoms, establishing the Arkorian calendar that even to this day is the reckoning of time.

The reign of the Theocracy meant a demand of absolute obedience from the people, and terrible punishment for deviants and malcontents. Taryn was merciless. Decreeing that all Garulians were to be exterminated, he brought suffering and misery to every land. But the tighter his grip on power, the more it slipped through his fingers like the sands of the Outlands. History was going to repeat itself.

Unknown to the Theocrat, an Inquisition was forming. Lady Mara Valkarin, one of the heroes Taryn had betrayed in the Reliquary Crusade, formed the Order of the Veil – an alliance of mages that sought to bring down Taryn Arkor and all his institutions. Once the Theocracy was overthrown, a merciless suppression of religion and a hunt for religious relics was unleashed. Soon, the secret council of the Inquisition, the Penta Nera, begun to seek power for themselves…


Torn apart by internal strife, the council members did not notice how one of their acolytes had slowly turned her back on them. Raised to follow and obey, she instead brought death to the council and changed the course of history by destroying the Godslayer sword. The consequence felt instantenaously by the Mages of Kyallisar, the shaman of Taymuria, and the Sura clans... all those attuned to magic felt the rending of the worlds.

With the last relic of Theocracy gone, the dimensions shifted and changed. The council was to return again – but its members are not counted among the dead, nor among the living…

More to come